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The founders would be ashamed of us for not putting a stop to this tyranny a long time ago. What we’ve seen the past two decades should’ve been enough to have started a revolution.

We’ve seen countless unnecessary wars, endless money printing, medical tyranny, and now an insane foreign policy in Easter Europe that risks nuclear conflict. If an existential crisis like that won’t get people to rise up and take action, then nothing ever will.
Do what the founders did. They showed us the way. Organize a convention with delegates from those states wanting to join. Draft a declaration of independence. We don’t need a new constitution. We have one. We need a revival of the America the founders envisioned.
I propose a national movement to break away from the corrupt Washington bureaucracy, which was hijacked by elitist scum long ago, and form the Red State Alliance (RSA). If Florida & Texas would just start the #NationalDivorce, combined they would immediately have the 5th largest GDP in the WORLD. Add in GA, Al, MS, TN, & LA and you are now the 3rd largest economy. That’s only SEVEN states required to immediately be a global power.
We’ve divided among ourselves from within. The #Forefathers knew we would. It is the #beginningoftheend. It is just a matter of knowing when the end is here & how long it will really take.
#Liberty dies with thunderous applause. Washington DC is a foreign occupying force. The sooner people realize this, the sooner we can start #Nationaldivorce.
In 2024, after the Democrats have abolished the electoral college, packed the Supreme Court, abolished the First and Second Amendments (all these things are coming starting this fall or next year), once-free Americans must consider either #NationalDivorce or emigration.
As bad as things are in this country since March 2020, they are gonna get much much worse. We are descending into the absolute darkest days of America. Time for a #NationalDivorce
We effectively ended as a country two years ago. There will never be free & fair elections again, and we’ve been reduced to a 3rd world banana republic. The sooner we accept this & acknowledge it’s far past time for #NationalDivorce, the better off we’ll be.
Blue states will stay blue. Red states will be picked off one by one. Until we’re all California. Then Venezuela.
I cannot and will not negotiate with people who support the murder of babies, mutilation of children, grooming of kids, etc.
Now more than ever this country needs a #NationalDivorce. We are deeply divided & reconciliation is impossible. Do it now while it can still be done peacefully. The left can have their crime & depravity.

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