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Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Occupy Patriots is to return President Donald J. Trump to the Presidency and the White House in 2024 and take back control of both the Senate and the House. We will work with Conservative Patriots and Organizations to attain that singular goal and to assure all future election are free and fair. We will organize and participate in Peaceful Marches for any cause we deem necessary. WE DO NOT CALL FOR NOR ADVOCATE VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND! 
However, when any of the Communist anti-American scum (by our definition) choose to assemble and exercise their right for Free Speech and Peaceably Assemble, we shall be there to stand up for our rights to do the same. We will never advocate violence but will exercise our right to Self Defense if attacked and we will protect property from Arson and Looting when asked by the Owners of said Property. WE WILL NOT START ANY PHYSICAL CONFRONTATION!